Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Very Long Tale of How Gavin Became a Forbes

I recorded a brief version of this story on facebook but I want, and probably need, to get a more complete record of this somewhere and facebook is a little too public.  I don't necessarily want to keep anyone from reading this, I just want to know who's reading it.  Please feel free to share our story with anyone, especially if they're in the midst of infertility or adoption drama of their own. 

It was a long road and at times I felt like we would never have a baby and I wished that I just would be happy with what I had.  But I wasn't and we kept at it and and eventually we got our Gavin.  We have many friends who have taken different routes to parenthood and others who are still working toward it and others who had to give up their dreams of motherhood or fatherhood.  My heart aches for those who want children or more children and have to work a bit harder to get there.  I still remember the pain and tears and frustrations.  

My plan is to tell our story Reader's Digest style, in fits and starts based on how much time I have available and what I feel like sharing on any given day.  Parts may very well be tmi for some but, again, I feel like I need to get this out.  I apologize if any of it is too raw, or if I offend in any way.  I also have some thoughts about motherhood and working while mothering and insecurities and the struggles and rewards of being a mom.  But hopefully we can take comfort in the fact that our story has a happy ending in a perfect, beautiful little boy who is making my dreams come true every day.  

So, for now, enjoy a photo of Gavin.  It's old and I don't think it fully captures the level of awesome that he brings now, but it reflects his newborn awesome pretty well.