Saturday, January 10, 2009

And the diagnosis is...

Nothing. At least not yet. But the new dr. did not send me home with some prescription for some drug that may or may not work with whatever condition(s) I may or may not have. Here's how it went down, Husband and I met with the PA or NP or whoever for a good long while during our first visit to the new clinic. She explained in great detail some of the things that could be wrong. (Did you know that some women do not have fallopian tubes, and, conversely, that some women have two of some of their parts?) And if you are missing, say your fallopian tubes, then clomed will make you ovulate more, but they will then just float through your body, searching for sperm around the lungs, kidneys and wherever else the little ova journey before they disappear, sad and useless, just like all their sisters before them.

So, we were basically given two options for the next step in the diagnosis process. The first option is for me to have two procedures done, one of which is an HSG test and can be VERY painful
. Even if this goes well and only causes me serious pain, it may be inconclusive and still require me to have option #2 done as well. The second option is for me to have minor out patient surgery where they will cut into my abdomen and send a scope in and have a look around, to make sure that I have all the parts I am supposed to have and that nothing is blocked, or if something is, they may just unblock it then and that may fix it. I doubt it will be that easy for us, but you never know. I kind of picture the dr. cutting me open and taking out my insides to have a look at them. Too bad I'll be asleep and unable to see what he does, eh?

Almost immediately I decided to go ahead with the surgery, but they want to run blood tests and this was just a week before Christmas and our insurance was set to change at the first of the year so we figured we'd wait until 2009. And here it is. I'm kind of looking forward to being cut open. I've never had surgery before and I have only been put all the way under when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I have a ton of sick time at work so I'll be able to recover fully from home. Maybe I'll even get a present out of Husband for it. Or a baby. Either way.

So my experience with this dr. has been SO MUCH BETTER than the dr. I saw before. I feel so good about going here and I still am not convinced that I will ever be pregnant but I am excited about the process.