Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Allow me to Vent

Even apart from the usual not-being-pregnant suckiness, I just really hate my period. I'm uncomfortable and disgusting and I just feel all around gross. And a little bit hurty. Then the hormones and moodiness kick in. I'll break down crying if even the smallest thing goes awry. I'll cry some and maybe throw plates at the wall. Except we recently bought some new plates so I'll have the presence of mind to throw the old, already chipped plates instead of my new shiny plates. Stewart's out for the evening, helping with a move, which is probably good for him. I don't need a target for said plate-throwing. Then I'll cry myself to sleep tonight and I'll be fine tomorrow. Just like every month. Sadly, this is normal.

So I came home from work today and made myself a chocolate silk pie. Because my chocolate silk pie has raw eggs in it. I know you can make it without the salmonella but this way it's comfort food that is bad otherwise. And I buy good eggs so I like to think that my risks of an egg-born illness are lessened. But it has to chill for three hours. (see previous statement about something not going right) So for now it's me and the Lifetime Network, I mean Comedy Central, I mean the news. Whatever.