Sunday, December 27, 2015

Her name is Kylie

Kylie is not Gavin's birth mother.  But she knew our birth mother and without her Gavin wouldn't be our little boy.  Kylie is wonderful and faithful and kind and so many other things.  Please forgive me if I get any of the details wrong but this is how I remember it from the version Kylie shared with me last year.  Kylie lived in NYC and attended the deaf branch of the LDS church there.  Kylie is not deaf but is married to a deaf man.  They are two of the most faithful people I have ever known.  So here is how I remember Kylie's tale. 

In December 2013 she went to a church activity and ran into our birth mother.  It was at this meeting that our birth mother told Kylie that she was pregnant and didn't want the baby.  Kylie told her that she could have the baby adopted by a good Mormon couple that she could choose.  Our birth mother was excited by that idea and soon set up her first appointment with LDS Services in Manhattan.  At some point she put together a list of what she wanted in an adoptive couple and the social worker gave her a couple profiles to view, ours being one of them.  We skyped with her and the next day she picked us!!

Now Kylie's version of the story is incredibly faith filled and she believes that all of this happened because it was meant to happen and that we were destined to be Gavin's parents.  I often tell people who ask for the story of Gavin's adoption that if they believe in miracles they will see them all along our path.

Kylie has since left NYC.  She and her husband now live on the west coast and I hope that this means we get to see her more often, but as it stands we Facetime occasionally.  She and her husband had a baby nearly a year after Gavin was born.  If we ever have a daughter her name will be in the running because I feel like we owe her so much for helping our birth mother find and choose us.  But according to Kylie, who is humble beyond words, she deserves none of the credit.  She is just happy to have been a part of our miracle.