Monday, May 20, 2013


Stewart graduated from law school on Saturday.  It was a pretty great day and a huge accomplishment.  But that wasn't the only milestone we reached on Saturday.  On my way out the door to commencement, I found in our mailbox, the official approval of our adoption home study.  We can now say that we are home study ready and can bring a baby home as soon as we find him/her.  So...

Help us find our child?  Please?

We're still putting the final touches on our profile with lds social services but we've met with them and are working with them so we can be matched there or through our local agency, or privately.  So while we wait for our profile to go up, we've started a new blog,, and email address, carolynandstew at gmail dot com, just for adoption purposes.   Feel free to share these however you can.