Monday, October 27, 2008

I never would have said that to Lance Armstrong

Husband and I participated in some car shopping last week. I suppose I look my age and since I was test driving sedans the inevitable question came up.
"Do you have kids?"
"Are you going to have some?"
"Maybe, hopefully, we'll see in the coming months/years."
I felt pretty at ease with one salesman and his male coworker, who didn't look much older than I and since they're salesmen and worked on the personal rapport with me, I gave them more info, hoping for a pity discount in order to save some money for various procedures. We finished up the night talking in the coworker's office. Here's how it went down:

Him (pointing out the photo of a young boy on his desk): That's my son. I would love more.

Me: There's always time. I can say that to you because people are always telling me how much time I have.

Him: Actually I'm a cancer survivor. I had testicular cancer so the fact that I have one is pretty amazing.

Me (to myself with a look of horror on my face): D'oh! I suppose I'll not be getting the pity discount anymore.

Honestly, what are the odds? Testicular cancer? Really!? Touche, sir. Good day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Cycle Begins Again..

I just left my primary care physician and I feel so good. No good news about fixing me, it wasn't that easy before and it won't be that easy this time but I feel like a medical professional actually cares. The NP who examined me was able to recommend a fertility clinic in the area that she has personal experience with. I just looked them up online and they seem like they will be SO MUCH BETTER than where I went before. I won't make my appointment until December or January but I feel good knowing what direction we're going to take then. She also recommended things I can do now to prepare for the journey.
Oh, and she told me that I have a *shy* cervix. That's a new one. Up until now the only abnormalities have been with my uterus but nothing that would keep a normal person from getting pregnant for 6 years. Something to work with at least.